Industry Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series E

Over 1,200 Industry Sound Effects on CDs or as a Download

Industry Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series E is a collection of more than 1,200 sounds of industry. This collection is available as a complete CD set, a complete library download, or as individual CD downloads. The royalty free sound effects in this library provide the machinery and engine backgrounds, specific power tool sounds and large industrial ambiences. You will be able to realistically set your productions in junkyards, workshops, power plants, steel mills, quarries & mining operations and construction sites. With saws, files, jackhammers, welders, stamping machines & hammers, you will not run out of industrial strength equipment – Industry Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series E.


  • 1,238 royalty free sound effects Digitally Recorded in Stereo
  • Industry sounds include: Ambience tracks from industrial environments Individual tools and machinery sounds Pneumatic tools and drills
  • Available on 13 Audio CDs Purchase as complete collection or individual download CDs @ 16/44.1
  • Complete Series E is also available as a Download purchase




Industry Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series E
CD Content # of Sound Effects
E01 Construction, Steel Mill, Shoemaker, Various Tools 92
E02 Gears, Belts, Lathes, Punches, Printers 61
E03 Block & Tackle, Packaging, Conveyors, Tools 54
E04 Carpentry, Construction, Glassworks, Blacksmith, Tools 64
E05 Steam Engine, Power Station, Tools 68
E06 Steel Mill, Brewery, Various Tools & Machines 143
E07 Paper Mill, Printing Press, Various Tools & Machines 117
E08 Various Machines, Coffee Plant, Milk Processing Plant & Quarry 123
E09 Various Tools & Machines 103
E10 Various Tools, Machines & Industrial Environments 131
E11 Various Tools, Machines & Industrial Environments 146
E12 Road Work, Construction Sites, Garbage & Dump Trucks, Large Factory Sounds 55
E13 Workshop, Junkyard & Miscellaneous Industry Sounds 61

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Product Specifications
 1238 Stereo Effects
 8.56 GB @ 16/44.1
 CD Audio or Download
 Individual CDs @ 16/44.1


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