Music for TikTok

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  • 1 GB @ 24/48
  • 101 Royalty Free Music Tracks
  • Available in 3 formats: 16/44.1 wav, 24/48 wav, MP3
Trendy Royalty Free Music tracks specifically curated to fit Tiktok’s formatting, algorithms, and guidelines.

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Music for TikTok

Go viral with Music for TikTok! This package provides 101 trendy royalty free music tracks specifically curated to fit TikTok’s formatting, algorithms, and guidelines. Find the perfect backtrack for whatever type of content you create; including comedy, beauty, marketing, cooking, education, and everything in between. Using these royalty free tracks is a great way to protect your brand and partnerships/sponsored content, by mitigating the risk of copyright claims and thus allowing you to focus on making engaging TikToks that creatively represent you and/or your company.


Browse through this vast selection of genres, including Rock, Hip-hop, Pop, Blues, Metal, Country, Techno, and Indie. These upbeat music tracks will be sure to attract likes and comments, with themes of dance, action, inspiration and more. Featured instruments include Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bells, Strings, Organ, Bass, and Synth. 



  • 101 Royalty Free Music Tracks
  • Preview all tracks before you purchase
  • All files fully embedded with descriptive metadata
  • Available for Download as 16/44.1 and 24/48 broadcast wav, or MP3 files
Audio Preview


  Arctic Chill
  Brilliant Prediction
  Tropical Trap
  First Class
  Bigger Picture
  Can't Misrepresent
  Sudden Explosion
  See Through Mirror
  Better Move Along
  Color Wheel
  Firing Back
  Constant Movement
  Game Seven
  Compounded Campaign
  Tinkle Toes Trap
  Slow Mo Chase
  Validate and Authenticate
  Complex Emotions
  Launch Day
  Hidden Words
  Some New Tricks
  South of Optimal
  Tell It Straight
  Trippy Trap
  Typical Friday Night
  Twisted Vision
  Organizing the Chaos
  Round Them All Up
  Run from the Fever
  Scratch That Itch
  Squelch City
  Take My Word for It
  Up the Down Staircase
  Written in the Genes
  Zero It Out
  Stellar Breach
  Side By Side
  Final Shot
  Fashion Stomp
  Beat You There
  Breaking Out of Here
  Call to Action
  Case and a Half
  Complete Opposites
  Daily Allowance
  Deluxe Chipset
  Drama King Cavern
  Driven By the Beat
  Dunk Competition
  Eastern Influence
  Electronic Fast Moving
  Emotional Chill
  Focus the Lense
  Hiding in a Crowd
  Hood Cruising
  Hood Tales
  I Lead and You Follow
  Information Flow
  Mechanoid Bounce
  My Search Engine
  Night Tripping
  Positronic Power
  Pulsar Stomp
  Punch and Drop
  Push Up
  Rap and Trap
  Smokey Streets
  Somebody Like You
  Street Hustle
  Visit the Memorial
  System Status OK
  Take It To The Hoop
  Twilight Stroll
  Rooted in Rock
  Difference of Opinion
  Let It Out
  Looks Like What It Takes
  Mutual Accord
  Summer Rain
  Rock Fragments
  Throw Your Weight Around
  Tim Squad
  Unshakable Feeling
  Wheel House Road House
  Any Minute Now
  Club Med
  Crunk It
  Cyber Stock
  Decision Time
  Down to the Wire
  Loosen the Screws
  Headed for a Brighter Day
  No Weakness Here
  Percussive Whistle Scratch
  Scratch It Up
  We Rolling