Forests of Norway

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  • 179 Files
  • 20+ GB @ 24/96
  • Available for download
  • Broadcast wav Files in UCS Format
Forests of Norway perfectly captures the sonic environment of Norwegian forests and gives you the tools to create authentic, vibrant soundscapes.

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Forests of Norway



Discover the wild forests of Norway and immerse yourself in the sound of remote nature. This library contains quad surround recordings of various forests, wind through different types of trees, flowing water and individual animal sounds.


Scandinavian forests are known for being less densely populated by animals and for the harsh and changeable weather. The soundscapes are often characterized by a lot of wind, rivers and occasional bird calls. The collection captures this iconic sound of Norwegian nature: from the power of stormy winds and rushing waterfalls to calm and peaceful forest ambiences.




Forests of Norway was carefully recorded with a double ORTF quad setup, giving you pure immersion. In addition you get isolated animal sounds, mainly birds, captured in mono with a parabolic microphone. To ensure that the mono sounds blend seamlessly into the ambiences, we also recorded impulse responses from various forests. This allows you to embed any sound into the atmo, letting you create immersive and organic atmospheres according to your specific needs.



Forests of Norway Features:

  • 179 Files
  • 20+ GB @ 24/96
  • All files fully embedded with extensive metadata
  • Filenames conform to UCS formatting