Human Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series I
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  • 1,433 Stereo Effects
  • 8.78 GB @ 16/44.1
  • CD Audio or Download
  • Individual CD Download @ 16/44.1
1,433 Human Sound Effects on CDs or as a Download

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Human Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series I

Human Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series I is a royalty free sound effects collection of more than 1,400 sound clips. These human sounds represent voices from around the world including Finland, Belgium, India, Greece and Spain; footsteps on many surfaces; children’s voices & all sorts of vocal Foley such as crying, laughing, screaming, humming, coughing, snoring, yawning & whistling, and people in crowds. This sound effects library is available to purchase as a complete 12 CD set, a complete library download, or as individual CD downloads – Human Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series I.


  • 1,433 royalty free sound effects Digitally Recorded in Stereo
  • Human sounds include: Voices from around the world Native American singing People in Public Places like Churches, Markets and Stores
  • Available on 12 Audio CDs Purchase as complete collection or individual CD downloads as 16/44.1 wav files
  • Complete Series I is also available as a Download purchase



Human Sound Effects by Digiffects – Series I
CD Description # of Sound Effects
I01 Babies, Children, Footsteps, Vocal Foley, Crowd Reactions 112
I02 Vocal Foley, Footsteps, Eating & Drinking, Body Impacts 104
I03 Footsteps, Crowds, Children, Vocal Foley 125
I04 Babies, Children, Footsteps, Crowds, Vocal Foley 149
I05 Voices in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland & Belgium 49
I06 Hum of Voices in Portugal, Spain, Italy & Greece 46
I07 Crowds, Children, Vocal Foley, Footsteps, Body Impacts 257
I08 Native American Singing, Various Footsteps & Children 302
I09 Hum of Voices and Crowds in India, Italy & Spain 41
I10 Footsteps, Clothing, Rocking Chair 161
I11 Cafe, Restaurant, Market Hall, Grocery Store, Other Stores & Public Places, Children in Schoolyard 42
I12 Airport, Street, Cafe, Restaurant, Market, Church, Subway, Stores & Children 45