Assault Weapons Sound Effects Library Bundle
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  • 16GBs of Sound
  • 24bit / 96kHz BWAV Files
  • 812+ Files
Sound Effects Bundle of 25 different Assault Weapons

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Assault Weapons Sound Effects Library Bundle

Assault Weapons Sound Effects Bundle contains with 25 different weapons in 96kHz/24bit High Definition Audio. An incredible armory for a variety of purposes: sniper rifles, submachine and machine guns, anti-materiel rifles, assault rifles, grenade launcher recordings and more!


The CONSTRUCTION KIT provides you with more than 14GB of plain source recordings, including 18-channel multitrack recordings, impulse responses for easy environment placing, and some sweeteners - like mechanics, bullet impacts and gun tails.


The DESIGNED edition is packed with more than 2GB of pre-designed, ready-to-use high definition sounds that will instantly work in your production - great for tight deadlines!


Assault Weapons Sound Effects Bundle won’t disappoint. It contains material for every possible type of setting - from plain single shots to heavy gun fire. Build an arsenal of assault weapons with Assault Weapons Sound Effects Bundle.



  • 25 different weapons with 18-channel multitrack recordings
  • Bundle ships in 24bit / 96kHz High-definition broadcast WAV files
  • Also Available as a Download
  • 2GB of "Designed" Sounds in 212 Files
  • 14GB of "Construction Kit" Sounds in 600+ Files
  • Detailed Metadata Information (with distances and microphones used)

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Assault Weapons Sound Effects Library Bundle
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