Assault Weapons Sound Effects Library Bundle
Product Specifications
  • 16GBs of Sound
  • 24bit / 96kHz BWAV Files
  • 812+ Files
Sound Effects Bundle of 25 different Assault Weapons

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Assault Weapons Sound Effects Library Bundle

Assault Weapons Sound Effects Bundle contains with 25 different weapons in 96kHz/24bit High Definition Audio. An incredible armory for a variety of purposes: sniper rifles, submachine and machine guns, anti-materiel rifles, assault rifles, grenade launcher recordings and more!


The CONSTRUCTION KIT provides you with more than 14GB of plain source recordings, including 18-channel multitrack recordings, impulse responses for easy environment placing, and some sweeteners - like mechanics, bullet impacts and gun tails.


The DESIGNED edition is packed with more than 2GB of pre-designed, ready-to-use high definition sounds that will instantly work in your production - great for tight deadlines!


Assault Weapons Sound Effects Bundle won’t disappoint. It contains material for every possible type of setting - from plain single shots to heavy gun fire. Build an arsenal of assault weapons with Assault Weapons Sound Effects Bundle.



  • 25 different weapons with 18-channel multitrack recordings
  • Bundle ships in 24bit / 96kHz High-definition broadcast WAV files
  • Also Available as a Download
  • 2GB of "Designed" Sounds in 212 Files
  • 14GB of "Construction Kit" Sounds in 600+ Files
  • Detailed Metadata Information (with distances and microphones used)

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Assault Weapons Sound Effects Library Bundle
Weapons Included Weapons Included Weapons Included
AK 47 Draco AK 47 Krink AK 47 Short Barrel
AK 74 FN F2000 FN FAL Standard
FN FAL Short Barrel HK 53 HK 416
M16 11.5 In M16 16 In M16A2
SIG 552 Commando MG 42 L96A1
M14 M24 E1 M82A1
Remington 700 Remington 700P HK MP5
Steyr Aug UZI 9mm UZI .45
M203 Grenade Launcher