P-51 Mustang Sound Effects by Boom

More than 1.5 GB of Sound Effects available for Download

Special needs require special libraries - the P51 MUSTANG holds recordings of this really beautiful single-engined, single-seated American all-metal fighter plane. You’re in need of this very special aircraft engine tone, the one that carries this unique emotional sound? You’ve been wanting to add character to that historical World War 2 fighter scene and couldn’t find the suitable audio yet? Here’s your good news. Get your hands on the plane control, you won’t be disappointed: the P51 MUSTANG will help you to create the extraordinary. These sounds are a must have for your creative contral and will enrich your personal portfolio, with recordings of various close and distant flybys, flybys to land, starts, idle and taxiing.

With the P51 MUSTANG, a fascinating and outstanding beauty is flying right into your private SFX portfolio. The powerful lady with its unique roar has been bundled into 1.5 GB of SFX. Recordings of various close and distant flybys, flybys to land, starts, idle and taxiing. The library was recorded in 192 k / 24 bit High Definition Audio and all sounds are royalty free, guaranteeing you best quality as always - and is provided in its orignal 192/24 format as well as 48/24 format.

The wonderful sonorous humming of the P51 MUSTANG will take you to new heights and will travel through unexplored territories with you.


  • 34 royalty free sound effects in 2 formats for 68 files in total
  • Digitally recorded in stereo at 24 bit / 192 k
  • Available Only as a Download
  • ORTF and MS microphone setup
  • More than 1.5 GB of ready-to-use audio data
  • high definition 24/192 and 24/48 files provided

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Product Specifications
 1.5 GB of Data
 34 files @ 24 bit / 192 k
 34 files @ 24 bit / 48 k
 68 files in total
 Download Only


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