Trains Sound Effects
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  • 50 GB of Data
  • BWAV Files
  • Flash Drive
2,800 Surround Sound Train Sound Effects on a Flash Drive or as a Download

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Trains Sound Effects

Trains Sound Effects provides more than 50 GB of audio data from almost every train imaginable - freight trains and vintage and modern passenger trains, with electric, steam and diesel engines. Includes a massive collection of interior and exterior sounds - cockpit, engine room, cabins, restrooms, cargo holds, drive-bys, arriving and departing trains, wheels, horns, grinding, coupling, braking, air release, screeching and more. Over 16 GB of train sound effects, plus over 33 GB of Surround Sound – Trains Sound Effects.

Train Sound Effect Collection Includes:

  • Drive-by sounds
  • Interior train sounds - engine room, passenger cabins, cargo holds, cockpit, etc.
  • Exterior train sounds - coupling, braking, air release, horns, wheels, etc
  • Electric engine sounds
  • Steam engine sounds
  • Diesel engine sounds

Features of Train Sound Effect Collection:

  • More than 2,800 stereo & surround train sound effects
  • More than 50 GB of data - incuding 33 GB of Surround Sound
  • 96 k / 24 bit high definition
  • Available on Flash Drive or as a Download


Please note: The Trains Sound Effects Flash drive is formatted as exFAT which only works on newer computers. The drive cannot be read by Windows XP computers or Macs with OSX 10.6 or older. It needs Windows 7 or OSX 10.7 or newer.


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