Trains Sound Effects
Product Specifications
  • 50 GB of Data
  • Broadcast wav files
  • Download only at 24/96
2,800 Surround Sound Train Sound Effects as a Download

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Trains Sound Effects

Trains Sound Effects provides more than 50 GB of audio data from almost every train imaginable - freight trains and vintage and modern passenger trains, with electric, steam and diesel engines. Includes a massive collection of interior and exterior sounds - cockpit, engine room, cabins, restrooms, cargo holds, drive-bys, arriving and departing trains, wheels, horns, grinding, coupling, braking, air release, screeching and more. Over 16 GB of train sound effects, plus over 33 GB of Surround Sound – Trains Sound Effects.

Train Sound Effect Collection Includes:

  • Drive-by sounds
  • Interior train sounds - engine room, passenger cabins, cargo holds, cockpit, etc.
  • Exterior train sounds - coupling, braking, air release, horns, wheels, etc
  • Electric engine sounds
  • Steam engine sounds
  • Diesel engine sounds

Features of Train Sound Effect Collection:

  • More than 2,800 stereo & surround train sound effects
  • More than 50 GB of data - incuding 33 GB of Surround Sound
  • 96 k / 24 bit high definition
  • Available for Download as 24/96 broadcast wav files


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