Series 2000 Sound Effects Library
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  • 2000 Sound Effects
  • 25.6 GB @ 24/48
  • Broadcast wav files
  • Download in 3 formats
2000 Royalty Free Sound Effects as a Download

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Series 2000 Sound Effects Library

Series 2000 Sound Effects Library from Sound Ideas was a milestone for the audio industry. It was the world's first royalty free sound effects collection of stereo sounds to be recorded and mastered digitally. The resulting sound quality is impressive and set a high standard for digital sound effects production that Sound Ideas maintains to this day. Because of this collection of sound effects, modern digital production studios are able to incorporate true era recordings from decades ago – providing digital accuracy for the technological sounds of the time. For timeless sound effects that do not change, as well as wide ranging digital recordings for sounds that you cannot duplicate today, turn to the Series 2000 Sound Effects Library.


European and American sounds -

  • Sirens, Crowds, Cars, Telephones


Ambience and Background Sounds include -

  • Police Stations, Residences, Hospitals, Bars, Restaurants, Malls


Era Specific Sounds include -

  • Airplanes, Phones, Motorcycles, Technology, Machinery


Timeless Sounds include -

  • Weather, Animals, Footsteps, Laughter, Birds, Explosions
  • Whistles, Sci Fi, Zippers, Crashes, Demolition, Construction… and more



  • 2,000 royalty free sound effects
  • Digitally recorded stereo sound effects
  • Originally available on 22 Audio CDs
  • All files fully embedded with extensive metadata
  • Available for Download as 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 broadcast wav files


Series 2000 Sound Effects Library
CD Content
2001 European FX: Ambiences, Crowds, Automobiles
2002 Fire Engine & Police Sirens, Hand Guns, Police Station Ambiences, Rain, Swimming Pools, Traffic
2003 Traffic, European Telephones, Horses, Trains, Restaurants, Fairs, Crowds
2004 Airplanes, Animals, Automobiles
2005 Applause, Crowds, Laughter
2006 Automobiles
2007 Residential Ambiences, Door Bells, Broadcast News, Sports & Weather, Birds, Buses, Cameras, Automobile Skids, Squeals & Crashes, Demolition Sounds
2008 Children, Clocks
2009 Chainsaws, Construction
2010 Dentist Sounds, Doors, Explosions, Fire & Fireworks, Guns, Arcades, Fairs & Roller Coasters
2011 Footsteps - Stone, Concrete, Pavement, Dirt, Grass, Hardwood, Leaves, Linoleum, Metal, Sand
2012 Footsteps - Sand, Snow, Water, Wood, Metal & Garbage, Farm & Tractor Sounds, Babies, Punches
2013 Helicopters, Hospitals, Squeaks, Sirens, Alarms
2014 Household & Industrial Sounds
2015 Motorcycles, Dune Buggies, Lawn Trimmers & Mowers
2016 Boats, Marine Sounds, Newsroom & Office Sounds
2017 Musical & Percussion Instruments, Whistles, Noisemakers
2018 Rain, Thunder, Bar & Restaurant Ambiences, Soda Fountains
2019 Space Sounds, Shopping Malls, Stores
2020 Sports, Military Tanks, Cannons & Battles
2021 Traffic, Trucks
2022 Water, Zippers