Mix XV Broadcast Music Library - Royalty Free Music

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  • 1,400 Tracks
  • 13.7 GB @ 24/48
  • Broadcast wav files
  • Download in 3 formats
1,400 Royalty Free Music Themes as a Download

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Mix XV Broadcast Music Library - Royalty Free Music

Mix XV Broadcast Music Library offers a variety of production-ready royalty free music themes. With more than 13 GBs of premium quality production music available by download, Mix XV contains more than 1,400 tracks with an incredible mix of production music that's perfect for your next production. This is a comprehensive music library for broadcast – Broadcast Music Library.


Music in 14 varied categories:

  • Blues, Children, Christmas
  • Country, Drama, Easy Listening
  • New Age, News, Retro Rock and Dance
  • Rock, Romantic, Soft Pop, World



  • 1400 royalty free music themes
  • Music Library for Broadcast
  • Originally available on 3 DVD ROMs
  • All files are fully embedded with extensive metadata
  • Available for Download as 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 broadcast wav files
Audio Preview


  Another Night Alone
  Ask The Good Old Boys
  Belly Up To The Bar
  Better Times Behind Us
  Biggest Fool Of Them All
  Boogie Till The Cows Come Home
  Broken Cowboy Hearts
  Broken Hearted Swing
  Cant Help Myself
  Cant Undo The Past
  Canyon Dwellers
  Cold Whisky and Warm Women
  Country Boys Lullaby
  Cowboys on the Town
  Crying In My Beer
  Cuttin Down The Christmas Tree
  Desert Sun
  Despair Is The Only Option
  Destiny and Disaster
  Dust Bowl Legacy
  Dusty Old Boots
  Falling Out Of Love
  Following You Home
  Fool Me Once
  Freedom Is A State Of Mind
  Ghost Town Atmosphere
  Gunfight At Noon
  Hangmans Hood
  Impossible To Forgive
  In Another Lifetime
  Inevitable Ending
  Jail Cell Lament
  Just Like My Old Dad
  Last One On The Right
  Late Last Tuesday Night
  Like A Bluebird
  Line In The Dirt
  Living In Your Love
  Lonely Grief
  Lonesome Journey
  Lost And In Love
  Lost Generation
  Lowdown and Sad
  Mandolin Man
  My One and Only Love
  One Right Answer
  One Step Out Of Line
  Out Of Sight
  Painted Creek
  Parched and Alone
  Parched Landscape
  Shiny New Pick Up Truck
  The Day I Lost You
  The Saddest Man Of All
  The Way It Should Be
  This Old Country Heart
  Trucks, Women & Beer
  Uncertain Surroundings
  View From The Back Porch
  Walkin' Tall
  Watching The Time Go By
  What I Wouldnt Give
  When I Open My Eyes
  When It All Goes Dark
  Wide Open Spaces
  Will I See You Again
  You Changed My Ways
  You Couldnt Love Me Anymore
  You Left Me Long Ago


  Agents & Spies
  All Friends Together
  Backyard Barbecue
  Bad Times Feel So Good
  Band On A Bus
  Breakin' Surf
  Bump It Up
  Can't Stop Dancing
  Come Up To My Place
  Cowboys In The City
  Cross Country Trippin'
  Crushed Velvet
  Dancing Disco Style
  Dancing With The Lights Down Low
  Disco Ride
  Disco Through The Night
  Disco Wedding Vows
  Don't Believe Your Eyes
  Driven By Love
  Even The Odds
  Everybodys Welcome
  Eye Candy
  Feeling The Beat
  Find The Right Spot
  Flash In The Pan
  Future Success
  Glitter Time
  Go Go Dancer
  Heading To The Beach
  Highway Driving
  Home Is Where The Heart Is
  I Can't Sleep At Night
  It Holds Us Together
  Its All In The Doo Wap
  Keeping It Real
  Last Dance For The Night
  Late One Night
  Learn The Watusi
  Leaving The Dance Floor
  Long Time Coming Home
  Love Is Free
  Maximum Style
  No Work On The Weekend
  Pick Your Partner
  Pink Velvet Shorts
  Pop Rocks
  Quick As You Can
  Retro Moves
  Say It With Soul
  Setting Out On Our Own
  Show Some Swagger
  Sliding By
  Slow Dancing At The Hop
  Smooth Riding
  So Mellow
  Speed Of Light Squared
  Start The Party
  Staying Under Cover
  Straight Down The Middle
  Style Over Substance
  Summer Of Love
  Sweet Tea and Oranges
  Take a Breath
  Talkin' The Talk
  Teenager In Jeans
  Teeny Bopper Rock
  Test Your Faith
  The Boys In The Band
  The Only Way To Go
  Things Are Looking Up
  This Side Of The Tracks
  This Way To The Highway
  Three Times For Luck
  Turn On The Funk
  Twice Around The Block
  Under The Disco Ball
  Under The Night Sky
  We Can All Come Together
  Wherever The Road Takes Me
  Whirling In Space
  Young Summer Love


  Assets On The Move
  Back Where We Started
  Attitude Central
  Bad Guy On A Bike
  Bright Ideas
  Built From The Rock Up
  Burn The House Down
  Can't Catch Up With Me
  Can't Hold Back
  Can't We Just Get Along
  Chase It Down
  Clear The Road
  Coasting At Speed
  Commit To The Life
  Constant Companion
  Controlled Power
  Dark Undercurrent
  Do Not Go Gently
  Dressed In Black
  Eat My Dust
  Everything You Got
  Extreme Jeopardy
  Fight and Flight
  Follow You Through Fire
  Forward Momentum
  Free To Fly
  Freedom Rocks
  Friends Come Together
  Full On Rebound
  Game Changer
  Get It Done Right
  High Five
  Hit The Apex
  Horns Of A Dilemma
  How Its Done
  In Another Place
  Interrupted Attack
  Join The Brotherhood
  Keep Ahead Of The Crowd
  Let Me Tell You How
  Living It Up
  Manic Or Maniac
  My Compulsion
  My Side Of The Highway
  On Top Of My Game
  One More Traveling Man
  One Way Ticket
  One Way To Live
  Opportunity Lost
  Pass The Bottle Around
  Powering Up
  Quieter Memories
  Raising The Roof
  Rapid City
  Reaching Out To The Night
  Rock Backdrop
  Rock Celebration
  Rock The Room
  Rocking Out
  Running From Prosecution
  Seize The Lead
  Seriously Into You
  Sorrow In My Heart
  Sorrys Just A Word
  Steady Eddie
  Storm Central
  Straight Shot
  Strive For Success
  Sustained Pressure
  Swagger On Home
  Take It Back
  Take Whats Yours
  Taking The Low Road
  The Only Way
  There Is Only You
  This Is The Best We Can Be
  This Is What You Wanted
  This Rebel Has A Cause
  Threatening Behavior
  Top Of The World
  Total Control
  Totally In Command
  Walk My Way
  Whats Up With That
  Where In The World
  Which Way Do I Go
  X-Games Anthem
  You Won't Find Better

Mix XV Broadcast Music Library - Royalty Free Music