Classic Drama Music 2 - Royalty Free Music
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  • 1 CD
  • 102 tracks
  • 800 MB @ 16/44.1
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Moments of high drama and suspense

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Classic Drama Music 2 - Royalty Free Music

(SM204) - Classic Drama Music 2 is a sweeping vintage collection of classic film music and television music from the Golden Age that takes you back to the era of thrilling adventures, cathartic tragedies, and moments of high drama and suspense. The collection contains a wide range of musical styles including: silent film villains & heroes, panoramic movie epics & adventures, dramatic brass & timpani stabs and rolls, mysteries, thrillers & whodunits, and jazz, rags and chases from the Prohibition era. There are 83 royalty free music themes, provided in a variety of different lengths for broadcast and audio visual applications for a total of 102 music tracks on Classic Drama Music 2.



  • 83 Royalty Free Music Themes
  • 102 Music Tracks in all
  • Classic Film Music
  • Purchase as a download CD in 16/44.1 wav format


Musical Composition and /or Arrangements by Albert Marlow (SOCAN)

Music Published by S.I. Publishing (SOCAN)

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