Winning Sports Themes - Royalty Free Music
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  • 1 CD
  • 50 Tracks
  • 769 MB @ 16/44.1
  • CD Audio or Download
reaching the finish line!

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Winning Sports Themes - Royalty Free Music

(SM305) - Winning Sports Themes is a triumphant royalty free music CD of 10 competitive music themes, each provided as a full mix, an alt mix or underscore, and 3 different broadcast lengths. This sports music CD contains 50 tracks in total. Celebrate reaching the finish line first with music that is soaring, pumped, courageous, commanding and heroic. Featured instruments include orchestra, electric guitar and keyboards – Winning Sports Themes.



  • 10 Royalty Free Music Tracks
  • 50 Music Tracks in all including broadcast lengths
  • Sports Music and Competitive Music Themes
  • Included on Hard Drive 1
  • Purchase as a download CD as 16/44.1 wav files


Musical Composition by Giovanni Lodigiani (SIAE)

Music Published by S.I. Publishing (SOCAN)