Mix VIII Imaging Elements
Product Specifications
  • 2009 Elements & SFX
  • 4.37 GB @ 24/48
  • Broadcast wav files
  • Download in 3 formats
2,009 Imaging Elements & Sound Effects

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Mix VIII Imaging Elements

Mix VIII Imaging Elements is available as a download and is jammed with thousands of royalty free production elements. These elements were specially commissioned from many of the best music composers and sound designers in the business, providing an element collection of quality with impressive variety. You get musical elements featuring thirteen different styles including: Rock, Funk, Blues, Pop, Country, Jazz, Dance, Electronic, Electronica, Drama, Lite, Adult Contemporary and Comedy. Musical imaging working parts for your productions include Beds, Loopable Tracks, Segues, Tags, Licks, Bumpers. In addition you get Logos, Musical Effects, Dissolves, Drones, Ambience Pads, Electronic Swipes, Sweepers, Whooshes, Lasers & Zaps, Hits & Zips, Special FX and a full album of Sound Effects to round off Mix VIII Imaging Elements.


Musical elements including the following styles:

  • Rock, Country, Drama
  • A/C, Comedy


Imaging working parts including:

  • Dissolves, drones, ambience pads
  • Swipes, sweeps, whooshes, lasers and zips



  • 2,009 royalty free production elements
  • Originally available on 5 Audio CDs
  • All files embedded with extensive metadata
  • Available for Download as 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 broadcast wav files