Elements Café Combo

3,547 Production Elements - Your Choice of either Download, 10 CDs or 1 DVD

Elements Café Combo is more than 3,500 royalty free production elements available by download or on either 10 Audio CDs or 1 DVD ROM – it’s your choice. The contents of all 10 Elements Café CDs is available here as one dynamic imaging elements collection. All your favorite elements are available here - choose exactly what you need from this outstanding set of: Music & Percussion Tracks 'n Grooves, IDs & Logos, Beds, Pads & Drones, Hits, Impacts & Stingers, Beeps, Bonks, Flutters, Shimmers, Zaps & Other Special FX, Lasers & Sci Fi, Whooshes, Communications & Electronics, Engines, Machines & Explosions, Accents, Punctuators, Stagers & Enhancers, Dissolves, Rewinds, Sweepers & Transitions, Sound Effects. Of course, the individual Elements Café CDs are still available to purchase separately or as this complete set – and in the DVD ROM version, all of the production elements are provided as 16 bit 44.1 K broadcast WAV files. The DVD disc also contains a fully functional SuperSearch catalog for the complete collection – Elements Café Audio Combo.


  • 3,547 royalty free production elements
  • DVD ROM includes its own SuperSearch catalog

This elements collection is available as:

  • 16/44.1 broadcast wav files on 1 DVD ROM
  • Stereo audio files on 10 Audio CDs
  • Your choice of 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 broadcast wav files by Download


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Product Specifications
 10 CDs or 1 DVD
 3547 Elements
 4.40 GB @ 16/44.1
 Available to Download
 CD Audio or DVD ROM


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