Elements Café 9 Production Elements
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  • 0.50 GB @ 16/44.1
  • 1 CD
  • 426 Elements
  • CD Audio or Download
426 Production Elements

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Elements Café 9 Production Elements

Elements Café 9 Production Elements can pick up the tempo and jump start the heart of your productions with more than 400 royalty free production elements on 1 Audio CD. This is the ninth release in this outstanding and very popular production elements series. Choose from a spectacular selection of Music Beds, Accents & Logos, Techno Elements, Big Stagers, Static & Electrostatic Accents, Electro Beep & Zap Accents, Hits & Impacts, Booms & Explosions, Tones, Pads & Rumbles, Transitional Elements, Flutters, Percussion & Comedy Accents and Special FX.


This is a perfect blend of audio elements for full imaging impact – Elements Café 9 Production Elements.


Audio elements available include:

  • Music beds, accents and logos
  • Big stagers, tones, percussion, comedy accents
  • Impacts, booms, rumbles, flutters
  • Electro beep and zap accents



  • 426 royalty free production elements
  • Available on 1 Audio CD or Download 16/44.1 wav files
  • Digitally recorded in stereo




Mastering Engineer: Paul Hatanaka

CD Artwork By: Lauren Maloney

All Music Selections by: Craig Austin (SOCAN)

All Music Published by: S.I. Publishing (SOCAN)

Special Thanks to Kamen Atanasov, Christopher Page, Jim Stout, Voodoo Sound