3D SFX Sound Effects
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  • 2.88 GB
  • 289 Sound Effects
289 Sound Effects available as a Download

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3D SFX Sound Effects

3D SFX - professional sounds that a serious sound designer can't do without. We are pleased to offer you the 3D SFX - originally a 6 CD collection, and now available as a download - it covers a remarkable range of "missing link" sound effects. You won't find the vast majority of 3D SFX sound effects anywhere else. It will complete your current sound archives with it's many hard-to-get sound recordings.

Features of 3D SFX Sound Effects Collection:

  • 289 royalty free sound effects
  • Digitally recorded in stereo
  • Originally available on 6 CDs, this library is available as a Download
  • 16/44 or 24/48 format


3D SFX Sound Effects
CD Contents CD Contents
Disc One Modern Train sound effects (foreign and domestic). It also includes train station ambiences, clean and unique. Disc Two Vintage Train Effects - steam engine trains, diesel trains, idles, couplings - you name it.
Disc Three Nautical Vessels including submarines, sailing ships, row boats, hovercrafts, fans, horns, engine rooms, and more. Disc Four Nautical Atmospheres as clear as they come including water laps, waves of every known variety, and washes.
Disc Five Rivers and Waterfalls, means you will never have to record another no-nonsense natural water sound. Disc Six English and Foreign Crowds: a good variety of nationalities in many different crowd situations: from boxing and barbecue crowds to Afghan and German crowds.