Producer's Toolbox Production Elements

570 Production Elements

Producer’s Toolbox Production Elements is a collection of royalty free sound clips and musical loops created specifically for TV, radio, and Flash. It has been used by VH1, Discovery, MTV, Showtime and HBO to name a few. This toolbox of 450 sound design elements was specifically designed for visual enhancement. It was painstakingly recorded and edited for optimum quality and usability. The sound design elements have been separated into the following categories: Swooshes & Whooshes, Hits & Stings, Twinkles & Sparkles, and Beds & Drones. Also included are over 120 musical elements set up as 40 sets of "beats & treats" all ready to use in your productions, license free. Each file has been edited to create a continuous loop, allowing you to create music loops to fit your visual sequence. The compositions are categorized by musical genre, and the beats will work for a wide range of moods and purposes. The Producer's Toolbox consists of one audio disc and one data disc (which offers 16 Bit / 44.1 K stereo AIFF files for the same selection of production elements) - you can work any way you want with maximum flexibility. Producers may audition sounds on the audio CD while the editor imports selected AIFF files directly into the project at hand – Producer’s Toolbox Production Elements.


  • 570 royalty free sound clips and musical loops
  • Available on 1 CD ROM and 1 Audio CD
  • Provided as 16 / 44.1 AIFF files and stereo audio
  • Sound design elements in 4 basic categories
  • Musical elements categorized by genre

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Product Specifications
 2 CDs
 570 Elements
 CD Audio & CD ROM


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