Big Drone Sound Effects Library

100 Royalty Free Sound Effects on 2 CDs or as a Download

The Big Drone Sound Effects is a two CD set of both simple and complex drones that have been designed to enhance many different kinds of science fiction, mystery, suspense and fantasy scoring applications. This library is also available as a download purchase. The 100 royalty free sound effects tracks from Sound Ideas are really ready to rumble and add a solid background presence to your productions. Each of the stereo Drone Effects in the sound effects collection is more than 80 seconds in length. The Drones themselves are mysterious and hypnotic as they sweep, pulse, swirl and flutter. The ambience created can unsettle any hero and keep the audience on the edge of their seats – The Big Drone Sound Effects.


  • 100 royalty free sound effects
  • Each track more than 80 seconds long
  • Available on 2 Audio CDs
  • Also available as a Download purchase
  • Included as part of the Sci Fi DVD Combo

Science Fiction and Fantasy Background Drones:

  • Heavy Drone with Bells and Eerie Workings
  • Suspenseful Dynamic Breathing Drone
  • Sweeping Electronic Ditherscape Drone
  • Buzzing Energy Drone with Swirling Sweeps





Executive Producer: Brian Nimens

Mastering Engineer: Paul Hatanaka

Special Thanks to Steve Cerilli, Craig McConnell, Davor Jordanovski, Reza Ebrahimi

$65.00  $129.00 USD

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Product Specifications
 1.50 GB @ 16/44.1
 100 Drones
 2 CDs
 CD Audio or Download


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