World Series of Sound Library
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  • 566 Sound Effects
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566 Royalty Free Ambiences from World Capital Cites as a Complete Set or individual CD Downloads

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World Series of Sound Library

World Series of Sound offers authentic ambiences and signature sounds from 21 major and vibrant world capital cities. This collection provides new recordings from a wide variety of locations, including airports, bars, churches, markets, restaurants, parks, city streets and transit systems, plus the hum of crowds in many public places. Every CD includes more than 20 full length tracks. Purchase the complete set as a download or on 21 CDs, or select just the individual CDs you need to purchase and download that complement your production needs. Savor the sounds of the world's great cities with this exciting library of world class ambiences - available only from Sound Ideas – the World Series of Sound.


Ambiences locations include:

  • Airports, bars, churches & restaurants
  • Parks, city streets, markets & transit systems


World Series of Sound CDs include:

  WSS01: Bulgaria

  WSS08: Ireland

  WSS15: Switzerland

  WSS02: Czech Republic

  WSS09: Italy, Rome

  WSS16: Mexico

  WSS03: England

  WSS10: Italy, Venice

  WSS17: Russia

  WSS04: France

  WSS11: Netherlands

  WSS18: Austria

  WSS05: Germany, Berlin

  WSS12: Portugal

  WSS19: Hungary

  WSS06: Germany, Munich

  WSS13: Scotland

  WSS20: Poland

  WSS07: Greece

  WSS14: Spain

  WSS21: New York City




  • 566 royalty free sound effects
  • The Complete Set is available as a Download in 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 WAV file formats 
  • Single CDs are available to download as 16/44.1 WAV files
  • 21 Major International Cities


World Series of Sound
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