Network Music Presentation Audio Music & Sound Effects
Product Specifications
  • 1450 Sound Effects
  • 5 CD ROMs
  • WAV Files
1,450 Sound Clips Designed for use in PowerPoint Presentations and Web pages

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Network Music Presentation Audio Music & Sound Effects

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Network Music Presentation Audio is a jam packed set of 5 CD ROMs of royalty free sound clips including music, sound effects and production elements that are ideal for scoring computer-based presentations with fully orchestrated and professionally recorded music, effects and elements. This collection is specifically designed and formatted for use in PowerPoint presentations and Web pages and includes a royalty free license for non-profit broadcast, computer-based presentations. There is a built in search tool that you can install or run directly off the CD ROM which will display search results that you can audition and export to prepare the sound for use in your presentation. The audio files are available to export for use as stereo or mono, 22 kHz or 11 kHz, 16-bit or 8-bit WAV files, or ADPCM compressed WAV files. The 5 Volumes include: Business / Office, Pop Culture, High Tech / Electronic, Environments, and Comedy / Animation – Network Music Presentation Audio.



  • 1,450 royalty free sound clips
  • Available in stereo or mono
  • Available on 5 CD ROMs


All wav audio files are supplied as:

  • 22 kHz or 11 kHz, 16-bit or 8-bit WAV files
  • ADPCM compressed WAV files

Network Music Presentation Audio Music & Sound Effects
CD Title Content
Volume 1 Business / Office A collection of motivating music beds, workplace sound effects and great production elements
Volume 2 Pop Culture A cool collection of music beds, must-have sound effects and ear-grabbing production elements
Volume 3 High Tech / Electronic A futuristic collection of cutting-edge music beds, space-age sound effects and over-the-top production elements
Volume 4 Environments / Atmospheres A diverse collection of New Age music beds, nature sound effects and breathtaking production elements
Volume 5 Comedy / Animation A collection of hilarious music beds, wacky sound effects and mind-boggling production elements