Series 5000 2nd Gear Sound Effects Library
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  • 13.20 GB @ 16/44.1
  • 2,316 Stereo Effects
  • 21 CDs
  • CD Audio or Download
2,316 Royalty Free Car and Truck Sound Effects

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Series 5000 2nd Gear Sound Effects Library

Series 5000 – Wheels 2nd Gear Sound Effects is the first vehicle sound effects collection to use "multi-track recording" - a technique that records a variety of sounds simultaneously from every perspective, inside and out. Each of the car sounds is recorded in isolation on its own track. Since the sound effects were recorded on the same take, you can switch from an interior sound to an exterior sound and be confident that they will be perfectly matched when used in your production. Wheels II features more than 2,300 royalty free sound effects on 21 Audio CDs for 20 different cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, and a selection of vintage and performance automobiles, plus one full CD of off road effects. The complete library and the individual CDs are available as downloads. In this vehicle sound effects collection you will get manual and automatic transmissions, a stretch limo and a Rolls Royce, pickup trucks and an off road selection of sound effects – Series 5000 – Wheels 2nd Gear Sound Effects.



  • 2,316 royalty free sound effects
  • Digitally recorded in stereo
  • Truck and car sounds of 20 different vehicles
  • Multi-track perspective recording
  • Full CD of off road sound effects


The Complete Library is available as to Download in your choice of 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 WAV files.


Individual CDs are available to Download as 16/44.1 wav files.


The complete collection on Audio CDs is also available for purchase.


Series 5000 2nd Gear Sound Effects Library
CD Content
5025 Dodge Neon - Manual Transmission
5026 Chevy Caprice Police Edition
5027 Ford Crown Victoria Police Edition
5028 BMW 328i
5029 BMW 540i
5030 Mercedes Benz 500 SEC
5031 Nissan Pathfinder - Manual Transmission 4WD
5032 Chevy Blazer - 4WD
5033 Chevy Suburban
5034 Jeep Grand Cherokee - 4WD
5035 Chevy S10 Small Pick Up - Manual Transmission
5036 Chevy Silverado Full Size Pick Up
5037 Nissan 240 SX SE - Manual Transmission
5038 Pontiac GTO - Manual Transmission
5039 Porsche Turbo S - Manual Transmission
5040 Ferrari Testarossa - Manual Transmission
5041 1975 Cobra RS 427 - Manual Transmission
5042 1963 Rolls Royce
5043 Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo
5044 1955 Packard
5045 Off Road - Various Vehicles