International Sound Effects Library

2,532 Vintage Royalty Free Sound Effects on 28 CDs or as a Download

The International Sound Effects Library is a comprehensive royalty free sound effects collection of vintage audio clips. It features more than 2,500 sound effects, available on 28 CDs or as a download, and provides more than 35 hours of recorded sound in 13 major categories: animals, business, civic, domestic, entertainment, gimmicks, humans, machinery, nature, ranch, sport, transportation and war. Sound Ideas supervised a complete digital re-mastering of these vintage audio clips from the original tape masters – so that this collection of archival sounds can be seamlessly used in the modern studio environment. For those times when your period production needs period sounds – The International Sound Effects Library.


  • 2,532 royalty free sound effects
  • Available on 28 Audio CDs or as a Download
  • Digitally re-mastered from its original tape masters
  • More than 35 hours of recorded sound

13 major sound effects categories including:

  • Business, civic, entertainment
  • Gimmicks, machinery, transportation and war


  • NASA countdown and control room recordings are copyright NASA and you must approach NASA directly for permission and license to use their sounds.



Re-Mastering Engineers: Graham Newton, Paul Hatanaka

CD Artwork By: Lauren Maloney, Maurizio Arena

Special Thanks to Neiman-Tillar Associates, TECHEFFEC, Music House, Dick Maitland, Robin Philips, Bruce Martin, David Lukezic, Justin Mazeau


This Product Contains Restricted Sound Effects

When NASA released their audio files into the public domain, some of the tracks included the voice of Jack King, the Voice of NASA and others. As individuals and not public figures, these individuals were entitled to control and license the use of their voices. Use of these effects in a production or presentation requires special licensing not available through Sound Ideas, and probably requires additional licensing fees.

These sounds from this product are Restricted Sound Effects that require special licensing:

CD/Tr/Ind       Track Title Filename

IN27-45-1 Rocket – Atlas, 10 Second Countdown Rocket IN27_45.wav

IN27-52-1 Space, Control Room JPL Launch SpaceControlRoom IN27_52.wav

IN27-53-1 Space, Control Room Mission Control SpaceControlRoom IN27_53.wav

IN27-54-1 Rocket – Apollo 11, 60 Sec Countdown Rocket IN27_54.wav

IN27-56-1 Space, Rocket – Apollo 11 Radio Comm SpaceRocket IN27_56.wav

IN27-57-1 Space, Rocket – Apollo 11, Radio Comm SpaceRocket IN27_57.wav

IN27-58-1 Space, Rocket – Apollo 11, One Small Step SpaceRocket IN27_58.wav



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Product Specifications
 16.50 GB @ 16/44.1
 2532 Sound Effects
 28 CDs
 CD Audio or Download


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