Just Birds and Animals I Sound Effects Library
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  • 1.82 GB @ 24/48
  • 301 Sound Effects
  • Available to Download
301 royalty free animal sounds

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Just Birds and Animals I Sound Effects Library

Just Birds & Animals I Sound Effects is an outstanding royalty free sound effects collection of isolated individual bird and animal species, plus a variety of key ambiences and backgrounds. The collection has 301 animal sounds provide a range and depth of wild and domestic species from all over the world. This library is also available as a download. The bird sounds captured in the collection include everything from Blackbirds, Budgies, Chickadees & Whippoorwills to Falcons, Flamingoes, Macaws & Vultures. And while you will find a great selection of Domestic Cat sounds, you will also find Jaguars, Leopards, Lions and Tigers – along with Elephants, Monkeys, Prairie Dogs and Walruses - Just Birds & Animals I Sound Effects.


Bird and Animal sounds:

  • Domestic: Cats, Horses, Chickens
  • Wild: Alligators, Jaguars, Whales
  • Unusual: Chachalacas, Falcons, Piranhas


Animal ambiences and natural backgrounds

  • Farm, Forest, Country, Marsh



  • 301 royalty free sound effects
  • Available to download as 24/48, 16/48 or 16/44.1 wav files
  • Available to ship as 2 Audio CDs
  • Stereo Sounds



Producer/Chief Engineer: David Lukezic

Special Thanks to Sea World San Diego, Cathy & Peter Belanger, Ernest Cholakis, David Ruddick, Rob Bertola, Kevin Colver, Clancy Troutman, Frank Bry, Charles Maynes, Janet Urban, Charles Byerly, John Morris, Jay Wilkinson