Workstations Onsite & at 2 or More Remote Sites
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  • Multi-User Licensing
Multi User Licensing for Remote and Onsite Stations

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Workstations Onsite & at 2 or More Remote Sites


Please Note: Licensing provided by Sound Ideas for Multi-Users does not include: BOOMShapingWaves or Detunized Collections. Only the copyright holder can provide that licensing.

To qualify for this license, all workstations that will be accessing the Sound Ideas content must be involved in work directly related to the main business conducted by the Licensee.

All the workstations are not located at the same business address - they may be on the other side of town, on the other side of the country or on the other side of the world.

For this license, there is 1 address designated as the Home Base where the server and the Sound Ideas content is physically located and there are 2 or more Remote Sites with workstations that access the Sound Ideas content.

The license fee will depend on the total number of Remote Locations as well as the number of workstations at each location. Contact Sound Ideas for a quote for this license.