Chilled Easy Listening - Royalty Free Music
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  • 1.96 GB @ 24/48
  • 14 Music Themes
  • Broadcast wav files
  • Download in 2 formats
Wandering into Romance, Jazz and New Age

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Chilled Easy Listening - Royalty Free Music

SM033 - This album contains an easygoing mix of 14 themes, each provided as a full mix, an alt mix or underscore, and 3 different broadcast lengths. There are 77 tracks in total. Choose from a nicely chilled selection of music that is affectionate, optimistic and occasionally playful. You will set a sunny, contented mood with these tracks that wander from easy listening into romance, jazz and new age. Featured instruments include acoustic and electric guitar, piano, organ and strings.



  • 14 Royalty Free Music Themes
  • Easy Listening Music Styles
  • Included on Tune Drive 2
  • All files fully embedded with extensive metadata
  • Available for Download as 16/44.1 or 24/48 broadcast wav files


Music Compositions by various composers - see track list for details.

Music Published by S.I. Publishing (SOCAN) and Sounds Incredible Publishing (SOCAN)