Sound Check 2

Sound Check 2 Sound Effects Library Test Disc is the definitive audio test disc.

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Sound Check 2 Sound Effects Library Test Disc is the definitive audio test disc. Created by Stephen Court and Alan Parsons (of "The Alan Parsons Project"), it contains 99 tracks of practical material compiled as a result of careful research and investigation into the needs of studio engineers, audio technicians, serious audiophiles, record producers and musicians. Its double CD case comes complete with a built in microphone and specially calibrated sound level meter for instant frequency response measurement. The disc has been designed not only to help access the technical performance of a wide range of sound recording and reproduction equipment, but also to offer the very best available musical, vocal and sound effects sources for experimentation and demonstration - Sound Check 2 Sound Effects Library Test Disc.


1 Audio CD with 99 Tracks including tests for alignment, sweep response, recording & reproduction line-up, transient response, audio fidelity, dynamic and frequency range & channel indent with:

  • Response Analyser with Pink Noise 1/3 Octave Spectrum Analysis
  • Pink Noise Test Tones
  • Sweep Tones
  • Sine and Square Wave Spot Frequencies
  • Vocal
  • Instrumental
  • Music Tracks
  • Sound Effects
  • Utility Tracks
  • Maximum Level Tone (Warning - this track is at the theoretical maximum recording level, 0dB FS. This is a very loud tone - use with caution.)


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