Cosmic Environments Sci Fi Atmospheres
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  • 462 Sound Effects
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462 Atmospheric Sci Fi Sound Effects for Download

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Cosmic Environments Sci Fi Atmospheres

These dark foreboding sci fi atmospheres are a ghostly gossamer of impalpable tension and chilling creepiness. In other words, very unpleasant eerie stuff....

Cosmic Environments is a library designed to fill the void of unusual "hard to put your finger on let alone find" ambiences, atmospheres and sound design elements. Over 450 tracks of standalone angst-ridden weirdness that can also be layered and edited to create even more unheard of trepidation.

The collection is the ideal companion to everything fearful, anxiety-filled, suspicious, phobia-laden, and stressful.


  • 462 royalty free sound effects
  • Digitally recorded in stereo
  • Available as a Download