Creaks & Squeaks Sound Effects
Product Specifications
  • 1.86 GB @ 24/96
  • 24bit 96kHz high definition sound
  • 773 Sound Effects
773 Sound Effects available for Download

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Creaks & Squeaks Sound Effects

Creaks and Squeaks is the work of Atanasov, creator of the Musical Accents, Sound Designer Tool Kit 2 and The Edge Edition 3 collections for The Hollywood Edge. This thematic collection includes more than 700 creaking and squeaking sounds, including beds, doors and floors of all description. "They were recorded in the dustiest and most obscure places I have ever been," says Atanasov. "Now, there is no need to find a quiet place and old rusty objects to record sounds for your projects - we have it all right here."


This collection was recorded and processed at 24bit 96khz high definition sound. The collection contains 773 effects available for download.



  • 773 Royalty free sound effects
  • Available for Download only as 24/96 broadcast wav files
  • Originally available on 2 CDs and a DVD, this library is now available as a Download
  • All files fully embedded with extensive metadata