Classical Inspirations - Royalty Free Music

Inspiration from the Ode to Joy, Hallelujah Chorus, 1812 Overture and more

(SM082) - This Classical Music CD is all about inspiration - the orchestrations are exhilarating, grand and celebratory - and the selections are well known and familiar. The Anvil Chorus, Hallelujah Chorus and the Ode to Joy feature choral work; Malaguena is a solo acoustic guitar classic and Johannes Brahms' Lullaby is performed on solo piano.


  • 8 Themes
  • Classical Music
  • Download only as 16/44.1 kHz wav files
  • Included on Tune Drive 3

Worldwide Public Domain

Music published by Bartok Consulting (BMI)

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Product Specifications
 655 MB @ 16/44.1
 8 Themes
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