Frank Serafine Sound Effects Hard Drive
Product Specifications
  • 12,906 sound effects
  • Hard Drive
12,906 sound effects on hard drive

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Frank Serafine Sound Effects Hard Drive

Frank Serafine is an award winning Hollywood sound designer who is credited with the development of many new digital audio techniques. Frank’s work has been heard in such Hollywood blockbusters as Star Trek, Lawnmower Man, The Hunt for Red October and Virtuosity.  In addition, Frank Serafine holds a unique place in the sound effects library industry as one of the first major sound designers to lend their name to commercial SFX collections. The Serafine Sound Effects Collection offers more than 12,000 sound effects that fill the holes that other libraries leave blank. Sound Ideas is proud to be able to provide the complete Frank Serafine Sound Effects collection on hard drive for Mac or PC as 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 kHz wav files.

Features of Frank Serafine's Sound Effects Library:

  • Award winning Hollywood sound designer Frank Serafine
  • 12,906 sound effects
  • Available on Hard Drive for Mac or PC
  • 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 kHz wav files
  • Fully embedded metadata
  • Includes 12 distinct collections, see links below

Sound Ideas Hard Drive Warranty

Frank Serafine Sound Effects Hard Drive
Collections Included # of Effects
L2 2,740
Ambience 5.1 652
Comic Sonic Relief 647
Drone Sound Effects 200
Foley Sound Effects 2,089
Guns of Cinema 2,096
Human / Animal Sound Effects 508
Industrial Sound Effects 796
Sci Fi I 565
Sci Fi II 1,029
Vehicle Sound Effects 1,056
Water Sound Effects 528
TOTAL 12,906