Sound Designer Toolkit 3

2,088 Fully Designed Production Elements as a Download

Sound Designer Toolkit 3 from Hollywood Edge is a masterful collection of fully designed elements created for Hollywood Edge by Kamen Atanasov. This package of over 2,000 production elements includes everything from Accents to Ambiences, Stingers to Tones & Impacts to Explosions, designed to provide a full mix of Scary, Dramatic, Magical & Sci Fi elements for your productions. The 2,088 broadcast wav files were created as 24 bit / 48 k broadcast wav files and come fully embedded with searchable metadata – Sound Designer Toolkit 3.


  • 2,088 Royalty Free Production Elements
  • Available as a Download
  • 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 k broadcast wav files

This Collection includes:

  • Logos & Accents, Stingers, Dramatic & Mood Sweeteners
  • The Mystical & Magical, Tones & Drones, Transitions & Movements
  • Musical Elements, Ambience, Eerie & Suspenseful Elements
  • Alien, Monster & Entity Vocals, Robots, Whooshes
  • Build Ups & Risers, Explosions, Impacts
  • Pass Bys, Reverses and Alien, Monster & Entity Vocals


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Product Specifications
 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 k broadcast wav files
 2,088 Royalty Free Production Elements
 Available as a Download


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