Destruction Sound Effects Bundle
Product Specifications
  • 8.56 @ 24/96
  • Broadcast WAV files in 24 bit / 96 kHz
  • Over 1,700 destruction sound effects
  • Over 300 pre-designed destruction sounds
1,700 High Resolution Destruction Sound Effects in 24/96 kHz

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Destruction Sound Effects Bundle

Destruction belongs to the most versatile and multifaceted events in terms of sound design. There are so many different acoustic elements playing together to form a bigger soundscape that is finally so much more than the sum of its parts. Sound designing a proper devastation is more than just layering impact and explosion sounds, it’s like a symphony of destruction, it’s like an organized chaos with a multiplicity of sounds.


We tried to feature every aspect of it in our brand-new SFX library DESTRUCTION which will be the baton for your own destructive masterpiece. Start with a small car crash where crushed metal meets hard rock. Imagine the fateful sound of a stressed glass pane right before it bursts into pieces. Think bigger – like a wooden cabin that gets smashed under a falling tree. Think of collapsing skyscrapers that crumble into dust. A whole ship moaning and groaning before it bursts and breaks into pieces – your possibilities are countless.


With DESTRUCTION, we deliver you the perfect toolkit to easily design those kind of scenarios. The CONSTRUCTION KIT holds more than 7 GB high-quality source recordings and the DESIGNED version comes with 300+ pre-designed, “ready to use” sounds. The BUNDLE not only allows full flexibility, but also gives you a benefit in price. Leave your audience gasping for air and take them right into the center of DESTRUCTION.



  • Over 1,700 destruction sound effects
  • Over 300 pre-designed destruciton sounds
  • All files fully embedded with extensive metadata
  • Available for Download as 24/96 broadcast wav files


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