The Complete Boom Library Hard Drive

Product Specifications
  • 498 GB data
  • 66,000+ files
  • Delivered on a Hard Drive
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata
The Complete Boom Sound Effects Library on Hard Drive

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  $9,650.00 USD

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The Complete Boom Library Hard Drive

This is the ultimate collection from BOOM for professional and high quality sound design. Get the full BOOM Library experience in one package and at an unbeatable price - providing both source recordings and ready-to-use, high-end sound effects that have been pre-designed by award-winning sound designers. BOOM packs multiple variations of a sound in one file, and this hard drive collection offers more than 80,000 files. Get a gigantic arsenal of sound effects with 498GB of content delivered on a hard drive. Due to the huge file size, this collection is not available for download.


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