Detunized – Newsreel Noises

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  • 150 MB @ 16-24/44
  • 158 Samples
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Rumbles, Hums and Crackles from Vintage Newsreels

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Detunized – Newsreel Noises

Detunized – Newsreel Noises library presents a collection of different Noises, Rumbles, Huns & Crackles collected when digging through copies of newreels that once brought the latest breaking news from around the world in the 1940s and 1950s.  At the start and the end of the vintage newsreel there is a wide variation of incidental sound.  The captured sounds in this collection are organized into 10 categories – and some sounds would fit into more than 1 of the categories:


The Categories Include:

  • Cadenced
  • Crackle
  • Hum
  • Impulse
  • Noise
  • Pulsed
  • Rattle
  • Rhythmical
  • Shuttle
  • Tonal



  • 158 incidental samples from vintage newsreels
  • Each sound is 3 to 16 seconds long
  • Download only as 16-24/44 wav files