Detunized – Laundry Mangles
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Rich collection of belt driven squeaks, bumps hits and groans

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Detunized – Laundry Mangles

Detunized – Laundry Mangles is library full of the sounds of vintage machines that were traditionally used to flatten large pieces of linen and cloth like bed sheets or towels.  Several of these machines are still in daily use in small villages around Dresden.  Using a variety of microphones for the recordings allowed the capture of the finest nuances of the laundries from each and every position. Among the microphones used: MKH30/40-MS, MKH60/AKG-CK94-MS, a pair of miniature omni mics with Primo-172 capsules, several types of contact mics (handmade and Schertler) and even some pocket recorders (LS-3 and M-10). 


But the material in this collection is more than just a precise archive of vintage laundry sounds.  The manifold squeaks, bumps, hits and groans from the heavy wooden box and the belt driven mechanics are easy to use for any kind of mysterious drones or ancient wooden ships.



  • 107 files
  • Vintage belt driven mechanics and wooden groans and creaks
  • Download only as 24/96 wav files