Shaping Waves - Big Machines
Product Specifications
  • 2.3 GB @ 24/192
  • 24/192 kHz wav
  • 35 minutes of sound
  • 43 sound effects
192 kHz recordings of old, high powered motors, generators and switches

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Shaping Waves - Big Machines

The Big Machines collection consists of 43 stereo recordings of 12 rare, industrial machines used many decades ago in German power plants and industrial sites. It includes the sounds of massive 10KV power switches, a Siemens exciter machine (power generator) built in 1945 and many other vintage machines. All machines were recorded in isolation without background noise and at high sample rates (192 kHz / 24 bit) with a Sound Devices 633 recorder and the Sennheiser MKH 8040 Microphones in close ORTF, taking full advantage of the extended frequency range (30 – 50000 Hz) of the microphones. Some machines were additionally recorded with a stereo setup of Barcus Berry 4000 series contact mics.


The following 12 machines were recorded, some in multiple takes:

  • Ash breaker
  • Ash blower
  • Coal dispatcher
  • Siemens exciter machine
  • Gas turbine model
  • Motorized throttle-Flap
  • Oil atomizer
  • Pneumatic power switch
  • 10KV power switch
  • Rotation motor
  • Manual steam machine



  • 43 sound files
  • High definition recordings of vintage machinery
  • Switches, generator and steam machines
  • Download in 24/192 wav file format