Monthly Special

Acoustic Atmospheres

Acoustic Atmospheres from FRESH Music contains intimate acoustic themes and mood setters for love, compassion, hope and more!

Sharing & Caring

Sharing & Caring from FRESH Music is an easy listening album filled with emotions of love, romance, leisure, passion.

Cinematic Drama

Cinematic Drama by FRESH Music is an epic film score collection for thrillers, adventure, drama, passion and more!

Dramatic Themes

Dramatic Themes by FRESH Music is an impressive collection of dramatic film scores including comedy, thriller, romance and more!

World Wide

World music form Israel, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Poland, Hawaii, Argentina, China, Italy, France and the Middle East.


Soak in the sun in the tropics with contemporary Latin themes for action, adventure, romance, travel and lifestyle.

Acoustic Country Rock

Featuring bold, proud, patriotic, fun, romantic, lonely and lazy moods, this is a mellow new style country album with America written all across its melodies.

World Tour

Take an international musical trip with World Tour's Caribbean, Celtic, Native American and Asian music played on authentic instruments.

West Coast Cool

West Coast jazz, cool big band and smoky ballads for leisure, showbiz, romance and sophistication.

Family Bonds

Family Bonds features optimistic and emotional themes for friendship, romance, love, loss and family bonds with acoustic guitar, piano, strings and percussion.

Dusty Boots

Country swing, bluegrass, hoedown, country ballad, spaghetti western and Tex-Mex music with acoustic guitar, slide guitar, dobra, violin and percussion.

Kitsch and Comedy

A wide range of styles for animation, silliness, kitsch and comedy featuring energetic and wacky orchestra, saloon piano, organ, xylophone and percussion.

Little People

Whimsical, innocent and fun themes for children and gentle lullabies for babies featuring strings, bells, keyboards, woodwinds, brass, ukulele and percussion.


Contemporary and traditional Latin music for dancing, travel, adventure, romance, leisure and passion.

Holiday Sampler

Well known Christmas carols and original holiday themes in contemporary arrangements including jazz, rock, ballad, funk, West Coast fusion and orchestral.

Hearts and Flowers

A romantic selection of 70’s and 80’s ballads and easy listening for love, romance and relationships featuring piano, acoustic guitar, horns, oboe, strings and harp.

Desert Schooner

World music featuring sitar, tablas, oud, thumb piano, sarod, balafon and percussion.

Classic Rock

Powerful 60’s rock in the styles of popular artists of that time including psychedelic, pop, hard rock, classic rock and rock anthems.

Classical One and Only

A diverse collection of classical hits performed by solo instruments featuring cello, oboe, flute, violin, clarinet, bassoon and English horn.


Smooth and sultry blues styles featuring electric guitar, acoustic guitar, brass, saxophone, piano, organ and percussion.

Authentic Classical

Well known classical hits by Mozart, Bach, Elgar, Rossini, Debussy, Strauss II, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Clark and Vivaldi.


True Americana with military marches, patriotic themes and music for adventure and Hollywood westerns.

Country Fresh

A down home country, western, country rock, swing and ballads album with guitars, slide guitar, violin and piano.

Alternative Rock

Alternative Rock will send you body surfing to crunchy guitars for that 90's alt rock feeling.

Acoustic Guitar Moods 2

Kick off your boots and lose yourself in the mix of ramblin' blues, fast picking Spanish folk, or slap your knees and tap your toes to a hoedown track.

Acoustic Guitar Moods 1

Acoustic Guitar Moods 1 is fit for any country legend out in the back woods, so grab your partner and spin them around as you whirl to a two step with a pensive feel.

Music for Social Media

Everything you need from a 120 track social media production music collection from Sound Ideas.

Leaving the City

Leaving the City is an easy listening road trip of 12 royalty-free music themes that take you on a positive, confident indie folk, acoustic pop and country rock adventure.

Dramatic Trailers

A grand 12 themes of blockbuster orchestral trailers containing massive percussion and choir for heroism, glory, honor, majesty, adventure and war.

Happy Birthday

A classic celebratory musical gift filled with 58 royalty-free music themes, performed in a wide range of vocal and instrumental arrangements.

Longing to Touch Your Face

With melodic warm piano tones, plucking acoustic guitar, acoustic base and synth strings, this album is a soothing easy listening emotional trip.

Circuit Board Economy - Royalty Free Music

Circuit Board Economy is an uplifting, optimistic and motivating house, techno and electronica album for business, technology and human achievement.

Blue Collar Heroes - Royalty Free Music

Blue Collar Heroes is a corporate mix of uplifting and energizing tracks to inspire you towards great success and fulfillment. This album is full of light arpeggios to get you moving towards triumph.

Sprinkles on My Donut - Royalty Free Music

Sprinkles On My Donut is a contemporary easy listening album in pop, indie pop, acoustic pop, urban and indie folk arrangements for optimism, friendship, romance and relaxation.

Drafting the Blueprint - Royalty Free Music

Drafting the Blueprint is an inspirational album composed of corporate motivational themes for business, personal achievement and growth, career goals and great life accomplishments.

Technology Workflow - Royalty Free Music

Corporate motivational contemporary electronica and synthwave

Rap and Trap – Royalty Free Music

Punchy, quirky and explosive

Piano Arpeggios - Royalty Free Music

Rippling and expressive piano compositions

Southside Masters - Royalty Free Music

Percolating Trap, Beat and Hip Hop

All My Friends Are Here – Royalty Free Music

Optimistic Feel Good Indie Pop

Manufacturing Partnerships – Royalty Free Music

Music for the Current Business Environment

Bright and Sunny Day - Royalty Free Music

A Bluesy, Sunny and Whimsical Balance of Easy Listening Music

Stepping Stones to Success – Royalty Free Music

Electro and Techno Pop Collaboration of Positive Piano

Easy Street - Royalty Free Music

Soul, Jazz, Pop and Funk Music

Easy Street - Royalty Free Music

Soul, Jazz, Pop and Funk Music

Latin Lounge - Royalty Free Music

Salsa, Cocktails and Celebration

Latin Lounge - Royalty Free Music

Salsa, Cocktails and Celebration