Sea Life SFX Album
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  • 50 Sea Creature Sounds
  • 617 MB @ 24/48
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Dolphins, Seals, Sea Lions, Walrus & several varieties of Whale

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Sea Life SFX Album

Sea Life SFX Album features 50 sounds compiled from various Sound Ideas Sound Effects collections.


This focused compilation Album features a variety of whales & dolphins as well as land mammals like seals and walruses who depend on the sea for life.  


The Creatures:
Bottlenose Dolphin, Pacific White Sided Dolphin, Sea Lion, Fur Seal, Elephant Seal, Walrus, Humpback Whale, Narwhale, Beluga Whale, Orca Killer Whale, Bowhead Whale, Sperm Whale


And the various Sounds we recorded:
Blowhole Blasts, Breathing, Slapping Water, Clicking, Shrieks, Snorts, Screaming, Grunts, Roars, Barking, Swimming, Calls, Growls, Trumpets, Spitting, Gurgling, Haunting Underwater Communication



50 Sea Creature Sound Effects
Available as a Download
24/48 and 16/44.1 bwav files