Premiere Edition Vol. 9 Sound Effects

Sound Effects from Sound Designer Alan Howarth

Legendary sound designer, Alan Howarth's The Premiere Edition Vol. 9 Sound Effects collection is the best of his feature film elements. To begin, all of his best animal sound effects are presented here including big and small, cats, dogs, birds, horses, bears, camels, elephants, snakes and realistically designed dinosaurs. He has included his cartoon effects, crowds of every reaction and background, foley props and footsteps, fight effects, and wide variety of sport sounds. Earthquakes, volcanoes, rock slides, avalanche, fissures, and landslides, and everything to cover a total planet meltdown are here. In this installment, there is a huge variety of water effects from oceans, rivers, streams and waves to waterfalls, splashes and underwater effects. His best natural and designed weather sound effects round out this library with many original recordings of rain, thunder and wind.


  • Animal Sound Effects
  • Cartoon Sound Effects
  • Crowds and Audience Reactions
  • Foley Props and Footsteps
  • Fight Sounds
  • Sports Sounds
  • Natural Disaster Sounds
  • Nature Sounds - Oceans, Rivers, Streams, Waves, and Waterfalls
  • Weather Sounds - Rain, Thunder & Wind


  • Digitally recorded in stereo
  • Available as a Download
  • 16/44 or 24/48 format


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Product Specifications
 2,953 sound effects
 4.97 GB


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