Sports Sound FX
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More than 4,000 Sports Sounds - Sports, Venue, Equipment and Fans

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Sports Sound FX

Sports Sound FX is a Sounddogs collection of more than 4,000 sounds in a diverse package that covers more than 20 sports and includes winter and summer sports, water sports, team sports, individual sports, sports fansand stadium crowds, as well as individual equipment sounds and foley. This collection covers everything from 50,000 seat soccer stadiums filled with rabid soccer fans to the distinctive sound of a successful golf putt.


Here is a rundown of what you will find in the collection of 4,026 sound effects:


The Sports include archery, baseball, basketball, bicycling, billiards, bowling, boxing, fishing, football, golf, hockey, horse racing, hot air ballooning, ice skating, kick boxing, lacrosse, luge, martial arts, ping pong, polo, racquetball, rollerblades, snow skiing, soccer, surfing, swimming, tennis and weight training.


The Venues include huge soccer stadiums, professional hockey arenas, college football fields, swimming pools, the Atlantic Ocean, school gyms and sports fields, golf courses and practice ranges, skating rinks, luge tracks, polo pitches, racquetball courts, boxing rings, race tracks, locker rooms, billiard halls, basketball courts and baseball diamonds


The Equipment includes balls, pucks, mallets, clubs, mitts, bats, weights, ropes, arrows, backboards, nets, goal posts, skates, shoes, whistles, rims, cues, pins, punching bags, reels and helmets


The Fans stomp in bleachers, applaud, yell, scream, clap politely and rhythmically, chant, sing, cheer, hoot, holler, react with ooos and aahhs, whistle, cat call, jeer, argue, exclaim “What a play!” and boo


Download the track list for even more detail on what you will find in the Sounddogs collection Sports Sound FX.



  • 4,026 Royalty Free Sound Effects
  • Sounddogs Recordings
  • All files fully embedded with extensive metadata
  • Available for Download as 16/44.1, 16/48, or 24/48 broadcast wav files