Mix 17 Broadcast Music Library
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  • 1,868 royalty free music themes
  • 18.8 GB @ 24/48
  • Broadcast wav files
  • Download in 3 formats
More than 1,800 broadcast length music tracks covering 18 music categories

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Mix 17 Broadcast Music Library

Mix XVII Broadcast Music Library is a collection of more than 1,800 broadcast length music tracks covering 18 popular and high-demand musical categories and featuring the music of more than 20 talented composers. This library is available as a download in your choice of 3 broadcast wav file formats. The musical content is organized by genre to make browsing the collection a breeze, and all files are fully embedded with metadata for quick and easy digital searches. The Mix XVII Broadcast Music Library.


Production Music Compositions in 18 popular categories including:

  • Adventure, Blues, Children
  • Classic TV & Classic Film, Comedy & Cartoon
  • Corporate, Country, Dance & Club
  • Easy Listening, Jazz, Latin Music
  • New Age, News, Patriotic & Military
  • Retro Rock, Rock, Romance, World Music



  • 1,868 royalty free music themes
  • 18 music categories
  • 20+ composers
  • All files fully embedded with extensive metadata
  • Available for Download as 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 broadcast wav files


Audio Preview


  Hurry Scurry
  Kidding Around
  One Bop Two Bops
  Pop Goes the Weasel
  Bouncy Toys
  Good Natured Teasing
  Banana Peel Caper
  Gullible Guss
  Keep Up with the Klutzes
  London Bridge
  Don't Waste a Minute
  Sunny Herb Garden
  Interrupted Elegance
  Itty Bitty Steps
  This Old Man
  Tuba Two Step
  Busy Afternoon
  Unobstructed Views
  Birdbrain Surfer
  Dawdling Waddle
  Easily Distracted
  Mary Had a Little Lamb
  Hickory Dickory Dock
  Home for the Holidays
  Innocent Ramble
  Sparkling New
  Tentative Tango
  Three Ring Comedy
  Nonsense and Fun
  Cheerful Smile
  Downright Upright Funny
  Rock-a-Bye Baby
  Perpetual Pals
  Taking a Tumble
  Quick Turn Charlie
  Row Row Row Your Boat
  Slipping Escalator
  Snails Pace Race
  Stringing Along
  When I Met You
  Clumsy Clarence
  Downhome Ditty
  Lavender Blue
  Tweak the Red Nose
  Jump Clap and Pop
  Petals and Blossoms
  Trickster on the Prowl
  Twirl that Cane
  Walk Around the Block
  Yankee Doodle Dandy
  Circus Steam Punk
  Giggle Fest
  Old McDonald
  School Friends
  Sticker Parade
  Strolling with a Friend
  Farmer in the Dell
  Oompah Slide
  Square Peg in the Round Hole
  Tumble Weed Chase
  Kindergarten Cavalcade
  Surf Board Small Talk
  Ain't That a Kick in the Pants
  Candy-coated Waltz
  Three Blind Mice
  Tinkering Tailor
  Mischievous Fun
  Yummy in the Tummy
  Bumbling Butterfingers
  Vintage Gamer
  Waltzing in Fantasy Land
  Devious Development
  Never Run Out of Candy
  A Tisket A Tasket
  Cloak and Dagger
  Dizzy Daphne
  Careful Choreography
  My Dog Rover
  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush
  In Your Window
  Learning to Juggle
  Curious Calico
  Flighty Fanfare
  How Do You Know
  Patio Party
  Make Up Your Own Game
  My Best Buddy
  Kickin' the Ball Around
  Castles in the Air
  Imaginary Plots


  At the Bottom of It All
  Before We Say Goodbye
  Finesse on the Double
  Playful Possibilities
  Top Drawer
  Coming to Terms
  After Hours Brings the Blues
  Chipper Chaps
  Free Jam
  Stepping Lightly
  This Way Up
  Looking Forward
  According to Me
  Blues By Any Other Name
  Nothing Else Matters
  Tongue in Cheek
  Vamp in the Night
  Nimble Mind
  Cooking in the Shade
  If You were the One
  Meandering Monday
  Nothing Left But the Blues
  Repeating the Pattern
  Brighter Shade of Blue
  Celebrating You
  Cheese and Crackers
  Getting a Move On
  Lovely Day in May
  This Over That
  In the Doghouse Blues
  Jump for Joy
  Kick at the Can
  Memory Lane
  Two Days from Now
  Talking It Through
  Perfect Fit
  Scent of Lilac
  Storybook Blues
  Unfamiliar Feelings
  Midnight in the Park
  From Time to Time
  Accidental Love
  Inquiring Hearts
  It Was Her Blue Eyes
  Just a Fleeting Thought
  Later That Same Evening
  Line of Sight
  Cultivating Love
  Drifting to the Edge
  Mostly Happy Memories
  Yesterday's Blues
  Blue Skies and Blue Eyes
  Just Another Case of Love
  Lifeline to My Heart
  Living with the Blues
  Return My Heart
  Before There Was Blue
  Counting on You
  Meeting of the Minds
  Simple Tale of Love
  So You Said
  Bewitched By You
  Certifiably Correct
  Easygoing Blues
  Keep It on Ice
  Say It Out Loud
  Lost in the Blues
  Traveler's Soul
  Peaceful Interlude