Sci Fi Ambience & Element FX
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  • 5.05 GB @ 24/96
  • 540 sound effects
  • Broadcast wav files
  • Download in 4 formats
A collection of science fiction atmospheres and metallic elements including hostile planet backgrounds, brooding dronescapes, hollow tunnel tones, mechanisms and deformations.

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Sci Fi Ambience & Element FX

Sci Fi Ambience & Element FX is a collection of 540 effects combining 87 science fiction atmospheres and 453 metallic elements. The science fiction atmospheres range from hostile planet backgrounds to brooding dronescapes and hollow tunnel tones. The metallic elements include mechanisms, deformations and cryogenic transformations.


The textured and varied ambience tracks are designed to create underlying atmospheres with complex fluctuations, mechanical backgrounds and harmonics. The science fiction elements help to populate the otherworldly landscapes with liquid metal movements, cryogenic chambers, robotic ratchets and vaporizing metal.


Here is a rundown of what you will find in the collection:


Science Fiction Atmospheres including hurricane winds, outer space energy, submerged cities, alien deserts, polar shimmers, rhythmic textures, oscillating mechanics, melting chemicals and brooding magic


Science Fiction Elements including metallic strains, morphing metal plates, vibrations, clicking mechanisms, pings and metal rings, buckling, heat stress, bubbling tones, solidifying metal flow, fractures and metallic clangs


And there is more: download the track list for even more detail on what you will find in the Sound Ideas Sci Fi Ambience & Element FX collection.



  • Original recordings @ 24/96
  • Available to purchase and download in 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 wav file format & 24/96
  • Fully embedded with metadata
  • 5.05 GB at 24/96