Science Fiction Sound Effects Library
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  • 2.73 GB @ 24/48
  • 311 Sound Effects
  • Broadcast wav files
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311 Royalty Free Sound Effects

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Science Fiction Sound Effects Library

Science Fiction Sound Effects Library offers over 300 futuristic, space, alien and creature sound effects and ambiences. This royalty free package provides a full audio galaxy, designed for versatile use in a wide variety of science fiction scenarios and sequences. This library is also available as a download.


The collection contains excerpts from a sci fi audio drama called Space Fighter Duel, showcasing many of the library's sound effects and suggesting editing and mixing possibilities for them. Space Fighter Duel is provided as both a continuous track, and as separate indexes, and it's available for use either in its entirety, or separated into specific effects. This is a very useful sci fi editing tool with electronic, mechanical and weapons effects; fantastic creatures; soundscapes, ambience effects & music – the Science Fiction Sound Effects Library.


The Science Fiction Sound Effects Library contains sound effects in the following categories:


Spacefighter Duel & Selected Elements:
Flights & Attacks, Launches, Blastoffs, Flybys & Circling, Explosions, Battle, and a Roasted Toasted Alien.


Ambience Effects & Action Effects and Scenes:
Space Hanger Ambiences, Spacefighter Strafing Runs & Flybys, Squadron Formations, Moon Landing Sequence, Starship Bridge & Warp Drive Sequence, Space & Blaster Battles, Lift-Off to Orbit Countdown, Re-Entry Sequence, Computer Room, Mad Scientist's Laboratory, Laser Cannon Blasts, Alien Weather & Lightning Bolts, Horror Heartbeat, and Engine Room Ambience


Electronic Effects:
Bells, Bubble Up Effects, Communications & Telemetry, Beeps, Radio Bursts, Intercom Static, & Space Radio Interference, Space Beacon, Warnings, Hand Held Computers, Sine Waves, Warble, Electromagnetics, and Space Radio Tuning


Mechanical Effects:
Laser Bursts, Pneumatic Sliding Doors, Sinister Pulsating Machines, Vacuum Pump, Mechanical Computers, and Various Machine, Switch & Motor Sounds


Weapons Effects:
Vindicator & Scavenger Weapons Fire, Spaceship Weapons Fire, Turbo Laser, Proton Torpedoes, Death Star Explosions, Hand Blasters, Hand Phasers, and other Weapons


Fantastic Creatures:
Alien Creature Mumbling, Cute Droid, Mean Little Creature, Alien Intelligence and Computer Speech, The Id Monster, Cantina Creatures, Robot, Gargle & Growl Monsters, Weird Thing, Mad Martian Mouse, White Fang, and other Robots and Alien radio Drop Ins


Miscellaneous Effects:
Ominous Flying Saucer, Vibrations, Laser Tunnel Resonance, Radioactive Emanations, Disintegrator - Integrator Units, Launch & Catapult Effects, Meteor Showers, Personal Extra-Vehicular Thruster Units, Rumbles, Walls, Sirens & Sputters, Garbled or Coded Radio Communications, Phaser and Other Space Sounds


Soundscapes & Music:
Solar & Cosmic Storms, Flying Saucer Landings & Take-Offs, Close Encounter with Mothership, Glass Tones, Mental Projection, Dark Swells, Interdimensional Madness, Nightmare Terror & Radioactive Crying, Humourous Zombies, Kaleidoscope, and other Musical Compositions



  • 311 royalty free sound effects
  • Digital stereo sounds
  • Originally available on 3 Audio CDs
  • All files fully embedded with extensive metadata
  • Available for Download as 16/44.1, 16/48 or 24/48 broadcast wav files
  • Included as part of the Sci Fi DVD Combo Sound Effects collection



Created, Engineered and Produced By: John M. Peters