Doom Drones 2 by SoundMorph
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  • 250 + Sound Files
  • 9.6 GB @ 24bit / 96kHz .wav
  • Available for Download Only
Enter Doom Drones 2 - a great addition for anyone wanting to enhance dark ominous moments.

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Doom Drones 2 by SoundMorph

How could it be that more dark ambiences and drones could actually bring a sense of happiness? Maybe it's embracing our desire for those types of introspective moods and moments. We are following up our classic hit Doom Drones with this indepth follow up. Doom Drones 2 contains all the quality and content you've come to expect from SoundMorph. Enter Doom Drones 2. A great addition for anyone wanting to enhance dark ominous moments. Perfect for something in the realm of a David Lynch film, ambient music production, a horror film, or just to set the mood of a foreboding sound scape.


Mood & Genres: Eerie, Doomful, Dark, Loops, Atmospheric Field Recordings, Designed Doors, Backgrounds, Sound Design and Musical Drones.



  • 250 + sound files
  • Provided as 24 bit / 96 kHz Stereo
  • Available for download only: 9.6 GB