Tonal Atmospheres Volume 1 Sound Effects

191 Atmospheric Sci Fi Sound Effects for Download

Tonal Atmospheres Volume 1 Sound Effects is an amazing collection of atmospheric and ambient sound effects. From deep underwater liquid effects to lunar landscapes and Jupiter's rings, this captures them all!

The cavernous drones and eerie tones are sure to give you just the right atmosphere for any project.

Whether you're working on a student film or a Hollywood blockbuster movie, this is a great addition to any sound effects library. 191 SOUND EFFECTS, STEREO, BROADCAST WAVES, CATALOGED SOUNDMINER METADATA ENABLED & EMBEDDED


  • 191 atmospheric sound effects
  • Digitally recorded
  • Soundminer metadata embedded
  • Available as a Download


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Product Specifications
 191 Effects
 4.07 GB
 Download Only


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