Alien Life by BOOM

Product Specifications
  • 11.4 GB @ 24/96
  • 765 Files and 4,710 Sounds
  • Available for download
  • Broadcast wav Files in UCS Format
Expand your sonic universe and craft unrivaled alien sound effects.

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  $245.00 USD

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Alien Life by BOOM

Explore the unknown corners of the universe and discover Alien Life! Feel the tension as visceral snarls, shrieks, squawks, grunts, and groans craft the unsettling sounds of extraterrestrial biology. With high-quality animal sounds and prop effects, it provides you the tools to develop unique vocalizations and bioacoustics for all sentient beings in your universe. This collection offers organic and exotic sonic palettes, weaving a vivid tapestry of alien evolution into a single guttural bellow.


This bundle gives you the full sound design power as it contains both – the Designed and the Construction Kit edition at a discounted price:            

  • The Construction Kit is filled with pristine organic source recordings, offering an unparalleled level of authenticity and fidelity rarely encountered in the sci-fi realm. Tweaking and layering the different exotic creature sounds, and shaping the tonality with the flavoring effects available in this bundle (including clicking, slimy, squishy, crunchy etc.), allow you to sonically tailor unique organic vocalization libraries for all your alien creations
  • Designed features fully designed sounds which originate from the Construction Kit stock, for quick and easy workflow. These high-quality creative effects offer 12 curated alien audio bundles ready to claim their place in your universe; with names such as Leviathan, Apex Predator, Void Creeper etc.


Expand your sonic universe and craft unrivaled alien sound effects!


Alien Life Features:

  • 4,710 sound effects in 765 files
  • 11.4 GB @ 24/96
  • Digitally recorded stereo audio
  • All files fully embedded with extensive metadata
  • Filenames conform to UCS formatting

Alien Life by BOOM