BBC 1- 60 - BBC Sound Effects Library

2,400 Royalty Free Sound Effects by Download or on 60 CDs

BBC Sound Effects Library Original CDs 1 - 60 contains the complete original collection of great audio resources of the BBC from 1990’s and before. Each sound in the BBC Sound Effects Library originated from the BBC Archive, and was recorded wherever the BBC sound engineers were deployed around the world. This library is also available as a download purchase. It is a valuable resource of recent historical sound and a collection of timeless general sound effects. For an amazing variety of everyday sound effects and ambiences from around the world as well as important exterior atmospheres, interior backgrounds, comedy, fantasy, humor, communications, water, industry, cars, hospitals, agricultural machinery, animals, and crowds – get the BBC Sound Effects Library Original CDs 1 - 60.

Features of BBC Sound Effects Library:

  • International sound effects from Spain, Greece, China, Africa, India, Nepal, Pakistan, South America
  • Recognizable British sound effects
  • Historical resource of real importance
  • over 2,400 royalty free sound effects
  • Available on 60 Audio CDs
  • Also available as a Download purchase

BBC Sound Effects Library - Original CDs 1 - 60
Major Sound Categories Unusual and Hard to Get Sounds
Interior and Exterior Backgrounds Euston Railway Station
Weather 1936 Raleigh Sports Bike
Transport, Ships and Boats St. Paul's Cathedral
Human Sounds, Children & Babies 1986 Silver Sprite Rolls Royce
Comedy & Animals Audiences at The Albert Hall
Construction and Handyman Sounds Country Cricket Match
Emergency Services Instanbul Bazaar, Mosque, etc.
Steam Engines & Transportation Kathmandu & Bombay
Footsteps Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Columbia
Everyday Suburban Sounds Big Ben

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Product Specifications
 2,400 Stereo Effects
 37.90 GB @ 16/44.1
 60 CDs
 CD Audio


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