BBC Historical Sound Effects Library

15,725 Sound Effects from Pivotal Moments in History

The BBC Historical Sound Effects Library contains over 15,700 royalty free sound effects, capturing pivotal moments in history and sound effects from all over the world. This collection of sound effects includes the original BBC Sound Effects Library - CDs 1-60, the previously unreleased BBC Sound Effects Library - CDs 61-166, as well as the entire unreleased EC series of sound effects. The sound categories in this rich collection include Archery, Clocks, Footsteps, Horses, Motorcycles and many more. The variety of sound effects includes Chinese fireworks, Pakistani walla, Westminster Abbey ambiences, Czech chatter, WWII aerobatic dog fights, Triumph motorcycles revving, street fighting in Vietnam, Ford Model T false starts and oil drilling ambiences. You can literally recreate history with the BBC Historical Sound Effects Library.


  • 15,725 royalty free sound effects
  • 16 bit / 44.1 kHz broadcast wav files
  • rich embedded metadata for pinpoint sound effects searches
  • descriptively named sound files
  • PC option = 320 GB Hard Drive (with USB connection) - while supplies last
  • DVDs

Unusual and Hard to Get Sounds include:

  • Monasteries, Ethiopian Village Market
  • British Locations such as Covent Garden, Birmingham, Devon
  • Period Battles from the 11th and 16th Centuries
  • World War I and World War II equipment and sound effects
  • Rolls Royce, Riley and Mini Cooper Cars
  • Bentleys, BMWs and Jaguars
  • European and North American Telephones
  • Archery, Cricket & Fox Hunting… and more

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Product Specifications
 15,725 Stereo Effects
 BWAV Files
 PC option = Hard Drive


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