Outdoor Impulse Responses Sound Effects
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  • 0.20 GB
  • 68 Impulse Responses
  • Download Only
  • Includes both 24/48 & 24/192 BWAV Files
Download 68 Great Locations to Enhance your Sound's Authenticity

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Outdoor Impulse Responses Sound Effects

Get realistic outdoor reverbs - fast and easy - with BOOM Library OUTDOOR IMPULSE RESPONSES.


Using impulse responses, you can apply the acoustic characteristics of a particular location to your target audio as if it had been recorded in that place. With our BOOM Library OUTDOOR IMPULSE RESPONSES library, you get 68 great outdoor impulse responses to place your sounds into specific locations and make them sound as plausible and realistic as possible. We recorded a lot of different outdoor locations such as fields, forests, hills, mountains, valleys and urban locations. We have ensured that each recording has a rich and detailed reverb tail to capture every characteristic delicacy of the respective location.


All files come in high definition audio - both 24bit/48 kHz and 24bit/192 kHz sample rates are included. Each location is documented with a picture to get an impression of the surrounding area. The picture is embedded in the metadata of the file and is ONLY available when you work with SoundMiner.




To use BOOM Library OUTDOOR IMPULSE RESPONSES, you need a convolution reverb plugin that allows importing impulse responses. This is not included in this library.





  • 68 Outdoor Impulse Responses
  • Download includes both 24bit / 48kHz  and 24bit / 192kHz High-definition broadcast WAV files
  • long and rich reverb tails
  • Detailed Metadata Information including available pictures if you use SoundMiner

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