BMG FX Sound Effects Library
Product Specifications
  • 20 CDs
  • 3,770 Stereo Effects
  • CD Audio
Over 3,700 Sound Effects on 20 Audio CDs

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BMG FX Sound Effects Library

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BMG FX Sound Effects Library was created by the folks at BMG Music. They have applied their high audio standards in music to this sound effect toolbox - a complete royalty free sound effects selection for every use. This sound effects collection contains over 3,700 sound clips on 20 Audio CDs, with an easy to use format and coding system that makes it production designer friendly. Whether you need office sounds or mangy hounds, fire trucks to making a buck, alien sounds or Japanese crowds, kung-fu fighting or tightening screws, this package has something for you. General sound effects with flare – the BMG FX Sound Effects Library.


12 distinct sound categories including:

  • Animals, Backgrounds, Communications
  • Electronic, Emergency, Household
  • Industrial, International, Sci Fi
  • Sports, Transportation, Weapons


Unusual or Featured Recordings include:

  • Amusement Park and Roller Coaster Rides
  • Hovercraft Maneuvers
  • Exploding Asteroid
  • Sci Fi and Alien Voices
  • London City ambiences
  • Martial Arts
  • Emergency Equipment and Scenes



  • European and General Sound Effects
  • Digitally Recorded in Stereo
  • 3,770 royalty free sound effects on 20 Audio CDs


BMG FX Sound Effects Library
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