Hollywood Edge Complete Sound Effects Library Hard Drive

The Complete Hollywood Edge Library Hard Drive - 71,738 Sound Effects on Hard Drive

The Hollywood Edge Complete Sound Effects Library Hard Drive contains the complete Hollywood Edge arsenal of sound effects on hard drive - that's 71,738 Sound Effects at your disposal! The individual collections would normally retail for $32,691.00 - that's over $20,000 in savings!

The Hollywood Edge Complete Sound Effects Library Hard Drive includes:

  • 3D SFX Sound Effects
  • Animation Collection
  • Advanced Audio FX
  • Alan Howarth Signature Series
  • Alien Machine Shop
  • Animal Trax
  • Animal Planet Sounds Vol. 1
  • American Zoetrope: Apocalypse Now
  • American Zoetrope: Sentinel Vault Archives
  • American Zoetrope: Vehicles
  • Burtis Bills American West Sound Effects
  • Busted Fx & Most Wanted Sound Effects
  • Background Trax
  • Car Chase Scene Elements
  • Cosmic Environments
  • Charles Maynes Sig Series
  • Cartoon Trax
  • Cartoon Trax Volume II
  • Citi Trax
  • Creaks and Squeaks - 24bit 96kHz
  • The Edge Volume 1
  • The Edge Volume 2
  • The Edge Volume 3
  • The Eerie Edition
  • Eilam Hoffman Signature Series
  • European Edition
  • Evil Effects
  • Extreme Drones
  • Explosions Sound Effects
  • Foley Series Library
  • Game FX - 24 bit 96kHz
  • Hi Tech & Top Secret
  • Historical Series Sound Effects
  • HPX AIFF/ Audio
  • Hollywood Foley FX
  • Hot Truck Series
  • Laughs Cheers & Applause
  • Lon Bender's Gadgets
  • Martial Arts
  • Master Edition Metallic Elements
  • Mechanical Morphs
  • Musical Accents
  • Musical Sound Effects
  • Off Stage Set
  • Premiere Edition Volumes 1-10
  • Premiere Edition HD - 24bit 96 kHz
  • Sci-Fi Toolkit
  • SEGUE Surround 5.1 HD - 24bit 96khz in true 5.1
  • Signature Series - Peter M Sullivan
  • Sound Designer's Tool Kit
  • Sound Designer's Tool Kit 2
  • Sound Designer's Tool Kit 3
  • Sounds of a Different Realm
  • Sounds of Speed Library
  • Sports with Balls & Surround Crowds
  • Street Racers 1
  • Super Single 1
  • Super Single 2
  • Surround Crowds 5.1
  • Title FX Volume 1 Production Elements
  • Title FX Volume 2 Production Elements
  • Title FX Volume 3 Production Elements
  • Tonal Atmospheres Volume 1 Sound Effects
  • World Edition Sports


Sound Ideas Hard Drive Warranty


This Product Contains Restricted Sound Effects

When NASA released their audio files into the public domain, some of the tracks included the voice of Jack King, the Voice of NASA and others. As individuals and not public figures, these individuals were entitled to control and license the use of their voices. Use of these effects in a production or presentation requires special licensing not available through Sound Ideas, and probably requires additional licensing fees. Other recognizable voices or phrases may also need special licensing.

These sounds from this product are Restricted Sound Effects that require special licensing:

CD/Tr/Ind       Track Title Filename

European Edition
EE12-53-1 Radio (Space) – Dialogue Communication RadioSpaceDialogue EE125301.wav

Sounds of Speed
SOS-05-03-01 NascarRacingStart SOS050301 NascarRacingStart SOS050301.wav



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Product Specifications
 290.11 GB
 71,738 Sound Effects
 Hard Drive


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